SP3 A ChildSafe Organisation and RMO Guide

ChildSafe has developed this resource to assist organisational leadership. It describes the key features of a "ChildSafe Culture", provides guidance on how to implement the ChildSafe system across the organisation, assists Risk Management Officers and provides a framework for an Emergency Response Process.

Risk Management Officers are appointed by the organisation to oversee safety and care across operations. They deal with serious matters and emergencies, and ensure that ChildSafe protocols are adhered to. This SP3 guide assists the appointed Risk Management Officer(s) (RMO) within an organisation to carry out their safety and care roles.

Risk Management Officer sits within a chain of accountability and support. RMOs are responsible for overseeing issues of safety and care across an organisation, and carry out this role via the organisation's Coordinators, who have responsibility within a particular area. A range of information is provided to assist RMOs in their role.

SP3 A ChildSafe Organisation guide helps the organisation:

  • Create a culture of compliance and accountability.
  • Implement ChildSafe SP3.
  • Develop an Emergency Response Process.
  • Equip and Train it's Risk Management Officers.
  • Develop and implement a training process for those working with children and vulnerable people.

Risk Management Officers gain assistance to:

  • Oversee the ChildSafe SP3 system within an organisation, ensuring consistency.
  • Respond to an unsafe event, such as incident, accidents and child protection issues.
  • Respond to emergency events, in particular through the implementation of an Emergency Response Team within the organisation.
  • Train others within the organisation in Emergency Response.

Training presenters guides are also provided for Coordinator, Emergency Response and RMO orientation. In addition there is a brief summary of modules provided at all levels including SMO and SP3 Resource CD reference.

SP3 A ChildSafe Organisation is part of the ChildSafe SP3 Safety Management System. A key ChildSafe principle is 'the right information for the right people'. There are other levels within the system with information for Team Members, Team Leaders and Coordinators.