SP3 Coordinators Guide

Coordinators are often members of an organisation's staff who are given the task of coordinating a set of programs. ChildSafe assists them to assess safety issues and grant permission for appropriately planned programs to proceed.

ChildSafe Coordinators sit within a chain of accountability and support. Coordinators are responsible for their Team Leaders, and a range of information is provided to assist Coordinators to undertake that role. Coordinators are themselves accountable to the Risk Management Officer, and the SP3 Coordinators Guide sets out how the relationship with the Risk Management Officer functions.

SP3 Coordinators Guide helps the Coordinator:

  • Appoint and manage Team Leaders.
  • Oversee safety within their area of responsibility.
  • Assess safety plans and provide Permission to Proceed to programs and activities.
  • Respond to accidents, incidents and emergencies.
  • Undertake training to fulfil their role.

Training materials are provided within the guide for Team Leaders.

SP3 Coordinators Guide is part of the ChildSafe SP3 Safety Management System. A key ChildSafe principle is 'the right information for the right people'. There are other levels within the system with information for Team Members, Team Leaders and the Organisation.