‘I commend ChildSafe for making a positive contribution to making child-safe, child-friendly organisations a reality.

I encourage all organisations that work with kids to take steps to become child-safe and child-friendly. Kids are safer from abuse and harm when organisations adopt good risk management practices and build a culture that respects, values and includes children and young people.’

- Gillian Calvert (former) NSW Commissioner for Children and Young People

‘The Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod has subscribed to the ChildSafe Partner Package since 2008. The ChildSafe program and resources complement our own Child Safe Church Policy and Procedures, providing an easy to follow program and practical training structure. This assists our congregations with understanding and meeting not only legislative requirements, but also understanding and meeting community expectations and our Church’s commitment to being a child safe organisation'.

- David Munro: Risk & Insurance Manager, the Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod

'Whilst our churches had been addressing these issues already, Childsafe takes us to another level. It adds a discipline to the risk management process. It completes the thoroughness of the system, providing uniform checks and balances. It is a fantastic system which I have already recommended to a couple of other NFP organisations.'.

- Keith Booker: General Secretary, Presbyterian Church of Queensland

In Victoria, the Commission for Children and Young People (formerly the Office of the Child Safety Commissioner) lists ChildSafe under the heading ‘Suggested helpful organisations and resources’ within their publication ‘A Guide for Creating a Child-safe organisation’.

In Queensland, the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian lists ChildSafe as a Useful Reference on a document provided to people attending their training events.

‘In our view, ChildSafe is an excellent generic risk management system for organisations to adopt and implement their delivery of programs and services to children and young people. We commend ChildSafe Limited, and have no hesitation in recommending the use of ChildSafe by organisations that deliver programs and services to children and young people'.

Andrew Lind & Alistair Macpherson - Directors, Corney & Lind Lawyers P/L


A range of church organisations who endorse our system are listed here:

  • The Anglican Diocese of Grafton

  • The Apostolic Church of Australia

  • Churches of Christ Queensland

  • Churches of Christ South Australia / Northern Territory

  • Churches of Christ Western Australia

  • The Lutheran Church of Australia

  • The Presbyterian Church of Queensland

  • Queensland Baptists

  • The Salvation Army Southern Territory

  • Scripture Union ACT, New South Wales, New Zealand, Northern Territory, Queensland, Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia

ChildSafe is supported and recommended by:

  • Ansvar Insurance

  • EA Insurance