Implementing ChildSafe

1. Decide to implement

Start with the information here on our website. We recommend then evaluating further by ordering a ChildSafe Kit and requesting a trial subscription to ChildSafe Online.

>> Why consider ChildSafe?
>> Evaluating ChildSafe

2. Create an implementation plan

You will need an implementation plan to phase in the ChildSafe system. Implementation requires a lot more than just subscribing and ordering materials! We have produced a training module for organisations that provides some guidance on implementing ChildSafe - you'll get this in the ChildSafe Kit.

3. Subscribe to a suitable ChildSafe package

Our recommended option is to subscribe as a ChildSafe Parnter, providing access to Safety Management Online, and face-face assistance and support from us. Small organisations or those already familiar with ChildSafe may opt to become a ChildSafe Member. Individual churches or community groups might start implementation using the ChildSafe Kit and supplementary Publications (i.e. without Safety Management Online).

>> Package options, prices and details

4. Purchase sufficient printed ChildSafe publications

In all cases, you will need sufficient printed resources for people at each of the ChildSafe levels of responsibility.

>> Pricing and ordering information for Publications.

5. Implement, audit and review

Phase in the use of ChildSafe in a series of steps, for example:

  1. Structured appointment processes.
  2. Training for Team Members and Team Leaders.
  3. Use of 'Permission to Proceed' for all programs.

An implementation team might be formed to oversee the process. You'll want to review your progress over time, and find ways to 'audit' your compliance with the standard you've decided to follow.

Some of the key questions surrounding implementation are:

  • How do the ChildSafe levels map into the roles and structures within the organisation? Who are our Team Members, Team Leaders, Coordinator(s) and Risk Management Officer? In smaller organisations, these last two roles may "collapse" into one role. Are these people appointed to their role via an appropriate appointment process?
  • What processes are already in place within our organisation, and how do we transition these into the ChildSafe standards and processes? Where the current processes are similar, this can happen more quickly and with less "culture change" being required. Where substantial changes are involved, significant time and resources will be required.
  • What training processes are currently in place, and how can we phase in the ChildSafe Training Package? What customisation of the ChildSafe package do we want to undertake so that the examples and scenarios are specific to our context? What training will we offer? To who, when and where? Who will organise and run it? How often? What requirements will we place on people to undertake the training?
  • How will we roll out the system within our organisation? At what point will we provide the materials to people? Should we do this only in conjunction with training them at the same time?
  • At what point can we make compliance with ChildSafe mandatory within our organisation? This will involve mandated compliance with the Permission to Proceed process.