Levels of Responsibility

The ChildSafe system is based on an interconnected series of levels, designed so that people within the organisation have the right information and resources to undertake their role.

There are separate ChildSafe Publications for each of the four levels described below. Safety Management Online provides different functionality and access for each of these levels.

These roles form a hierarchy, where each level is accountable to the level 'above', and responsible for the level 'below'.

Team Member

Team Members are all people working with children. They work within a broader team, and have limited responsibilities.

Team Leader

Team Leaders are people given responsibility for leadership of a discrete program or event.


Coordinators are often members of an organisation's staff who are given the task of coordinating a set of programs.

Risk Management Officer (described within the publication 'A ChildSafe Organisation')

Risk Management Officers are appointed by the organisation to oversee safety and care across operations. They deal with serious matters and emergencies, and ensure that ChildSafe protocols are adhered to.