Key Features: Safety Management Online

Your Subsite

Once a subscription agreement is in place, ChildSafe will activate a site specifically for your organisation. You will nominate an Administrator, and they will commence the process of making the site available to the appropriate people with varying levels of access.

Your site can be configured in a number of specific ways for you, and can have customised resources and training modules.

Levels of Access (Extranet)

There are 5 levels of access into SMO, corresponding to the 4 levels within the ChildSafe Safety Management System (Team Member, Team Leader, Coordinator and Risk Management Officer), plus your site Administrator.

Features, permissions and functionality change according to the level of access granted to each user.

Appointment and Training Processes

SMO allows you to track the processes by which people are appointed to work with children and young people. You will determine the appointment steps required, and the system tracks their completion.

We offer multiple pathways to train people, and within the system records can be kept of the completion of both Online Training and face-face 'offline' training events. You organisation can set criteria in relation to the mandated training required.

Online Training

Your site comes with5 built-in modules of Online Training, created using the same curriculum as the ChildSafe Training Package and fully integrated with the ChildSafe standards in our publications. All users granted access to the system can undertake training suitable for their level of access. Quizzes and Test are provided, and results stored within each user's record. [Inclusion of our Online Training is optional, and we have the capability to build online modules specfically for you.

Accountability Structures

Your organisations programs can be planned within SMO, using our unique Permission to Proceed process. This provides an accountability method between the organisation and people leading programs on its behalf.

Your site can be configured to reflect your organisational structure, using Teams, Groups and Divisions. Each of these have people responsible for them, creating a hierarchy of accountability and responsibility.

Guided Risk Management Framework

All programs create and submit a series of Permission to Proceed steps, all developed within a guided framework designed to make the process clear and as simple as possible. SMO assists Team Leaders to create Safety Plans for their programs, and provides a Risk Assessment tool to help them.

Downloadable Resources

Your site is provided with a wide range of resources available for download and offline use. These include all forms within the ChildSafe Safety Management System, and all files from the ChildSafe Training Package. Your organisation can arrange with ChildSafe to include additional resources, or subtitute our resources with your own.

Incident Reporting and Data Analysis

SMO has an Incident Reporting module, assisting Team Leaders to create and submit structured Incident reports for a variety of situations.

Data within SMO can be analysed using a number of tools provided within the system, including various filters that highlight certain information, and a change log that is continually tracking all changes made by users within the system. Various types of data can also for exported for analysis.


Technical Information

ChildSafe recommends Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as preferred browsers.
The system requires Javascript and Cookies to be enabled, and the Flash Player plug-in for viewing certain reports and video help.
Proxy servers should be bypassed to ensure cookies are set correctly for security and user experience purposes