SP3 Team Members Guide

Team Members are all people working with children and vulnerable people. They work within a broader team, and have limited responsibilities. A concise guide is provided with a strong emphasis on child or vulnerable person protection, safe activities and a range of specific guidelines. It's written in plain English, and sets standards that are achievable and practical.

SP3 Team Members Guide will help you:

  • Understand how an organisation responsibly appoints people to work with children and vulnerable people.
  • Comply with a code of practice for child or vulnerable person safety.
  • Understand a range of important child protection issues.
  • Think through your role as part of a safe team.
  • Undertake training in Child Protection and safe programs.
  • There are also chapters providing guidelines and advice for safe activities, hygiene and first aid (some non-essential activity subjects have moved and are now available as modules within SMO Resources/Team Leader 'ChildSafe Modules') .

SP3 Team Members Guide is part of the ChildSafe SP3 Safety Management System. A key ChildSafe principle is 'the right information for the right people'. There are other levels within the system with information for Team Leaders, Coordinators and the Organisation.