Why consider ChildSafe?

Because it works

ChildSafe is applicable to any organisation working with children and young people - schools, clubs, sporting groups, churches and so on. As a system, it scales to suit both large and small organisations. There are National organisations using ChildSafe across Australia among thousands of workers, and small community churches adopting the system for a handful of people. 

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>> Major organisations using ChildSafe

Because it's a system

People with different levels of responsibility access the various elements of our system to work safely with children and young people. The three key elements are:

  • ChildSafe Standards provided in our publications.
  • Training materials included in the publications and as online training.
  • Access to Safety Management Online for people at each level.

Because it addresses the issues

ChildSafe has two key thrusts: Child Protection and Safety (Risk) Management. The system has a strong emphasis on preventing the maltreatment of children, and responding appropriately when child abuse comes to light. ChildSafe also assists the organisation to plan safe activities and programs using a risk management framework. The system covers a broad range of topics such as:

  • Screening and recruiting.
  • Duty of care issues, with a code of practice for working with children and young people.
  • Supervision and work within a safe team.
  • Signs and indicators of child abuse, responding sensitively to disclosure of abuse.
  • Dealing with suspicions, disclosures and allegations relating to child protection issues.
  • Transportation and water-based activities as a particular risk focus.
  • Hygiene, medical safety, infection, food handling.
  • Accident and incident reporting, processing and analysis.
  • An Emergency Response process.