Why use Safety Management Online?

There are 3 ways to administer use of ChildSafe:

  1. As a totally paper-based system.
  2. Using the electronic resources supplied with a ChildSafe Kit - forms and training materials.
  3. Making use of SMO.

Each of the above methods relies on the printed ChildSafe materials being available to the right people - Team Members, Team Leaders and so on. These are the standards, and they assist in the training process. SMO does not replace these.

As we have developed and improved ChildSafe over time, it's become clear to us that organisations of any size need a tool to help them manage various tasks involved in implementing ChildSafe.

So we've invested significant time, effort and money creating SMO.

Here's 10 good reasons why...

  1. Record people's appointment to work with children/young people. Track their completion of the steps involved in being appointed.
  2. Record people's completion of relevant training.
  3. Record the status of programs and events against ChildSafe's Permission to Proceed standards for Risk Management.
  4. Extranet allows all users to login and gain access to processes relating to their level of appointment (Team Member, Team Leader, Coordinator, Risk Management Officer).
  5. All users can undertake Online Training modules with quizzes and tests. Test results are stored and once passed the module is credited to a person's record.
  6. All users can access and download resources (forms, training materials) relevant to their level of appointment.
  7. Team Leaders are guided through the Permission to Proceed process. As part of this, a comprehensive safety planning process is provided for activities and programs.
  8. An Incident reporting system is provided to facilitate the recording and analysis of incidents within your organisation.
  9. SMO tracks changes within the system. Your organisation can make use of this continually updated history.
  10. Your SMO site is configured to your requirements when we set it up for you, according to a range of options we have created to make the site flexible in the way it meets different organisations requirements.