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The above image is of two young Indigenous children from Vincent Primary School in Far North Queensland. They will be participating in a pilot of Body Safety and Consent Education this term along with their class based on Jayneen Sanders Book ‘This is my body. What I say goes!’.

The reason behind this pilot in partnership with Jayneen and SU Australia is that we understand that Indigenous children are 8 times more likely to be abused in Australia. This is not good enough and it breaks our hearts. Things need to change.

We are seeking to understand how this book and the lesson plans that go with it can be adapted or re-written to suit the Indigenous culture and school community. We are hoping the messages of Body Safety and Consent can be embraced by the children and in doing so children will be empowered which can lesson the likelyhood of them being abused.

The pilot has kicked off already and will be completed in 10 weeks time. We are looking forward to getting the results back from the surveys of the Children, Educators and Parents and then designing the relevant resources.

For those who attended the ChildSafe Australia 15 Year Birthday Breakfast in Melbourne late last year you will know that we have raised $7,000 towards developing these new resources.

We estimate the total cost of developing these resources so as to educate not just the students in this school but up to 50,000 students from other Indigenous schools in Australia is around $20,000. 

We want to invite you to partner with us through a Tax Deductible Donation towards this important initiative that could literally change the course of many children’s lives.

We would love to have you as a partner with us.

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