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Exclusive interview and Q&A

???? Attention to all parents: Live Event on Wed 19th of August at 4.30pm (AEST)

Topic: ‘Helping our children understand and deal with their emotions. and how this can help them not just for now but into the future.

This was a special Bring your child event. We invited all parents to bring their children to hear the discussion as the material were geared towards both parent and child. Watch the full live event below. 

Matt Runnalls over the last several years has worked tirelessly as a mental health advocate, creating awareness, acceptance, and education. Having lived with mental illness, surviving suicide attempts & having lost several friends to suicide dating back to the age of 12. Matt utilizes his knowledge of lived experiences to encourage others to feel comfortable to speak up and manage their wellbeing just as he continues to do.

As a full-time tradesman in 2016, Matt delivered talks to over 5000 various listeners amongst sporting clubs, schools, and community groups. Matt now dedicates his career as a full-time advocate, being the voice for not only young Australians but all over the world, now having been Guest Speaker in over 15+ states around the World in 3 different countries.

Currently, since being full-time in advocacy, Matt has delivered in excess of 100+ talks, workshops, and events across Australia, Canada & America, featuring his story and journey in books, documentaries, songs, podcasts, television, and throughout most big Australian media outlets.
Find out more about Matt and Mindfull Aus here:

Some questions we will discuss:
1. can you name the most used emotions and what is an easy way to help children describe them?
2. when we as parents say to our children “don’t feel that” or “you don’t really feel that” how can that impact the child?
3. What impact can seeing parents argue and fight in the home have on a child’s emotions and mental health?
4. How can we help children to be intuitive to other people’s emotions and how can children support children in this?
5. How can we use emotion ‘colours’ in a conversation with our child each day? and what age would we stop using this method?

There will also be a Q&A at the end.


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