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Order ChildSafe Publications

ChildSafe has produced a range of guides to meet the different requirements of people working or volunteering in community organisations.

These are available to subscribing organisations and their members. Each guide inter-relates to the primary SP3 standards, with reference to SP3 procedures, forms and other related resources to assist you to practically attend to safety.

The four guides and the kit are explained in the table below.

To properly implement ChildSafe’s “SP3” approach, everyone in your organisation needs to have relevant materials for their level of responsibility. Branded or customised editions of our publications can be discussed with subscribers, by contacting ChildSafe.

ChildSafe Items for Subscribers including terms and freight.   Price per Unit excl. freight Your Order Quantity
SP3 Team Members Guide This basic guide covers safety management basics, code of practice and abuse identification. Accountable to the Team Leader. $11  
SP3 Team Leaders Guide This guide supports leading teams of leaders and details safety planning of programs, appointing Team Members, training and incident response. Accountable to the Coordinator. $28  
SP3 Coordinators Guide This guide supports oversight of safety management consistent with established standards, policies and procedures. Accountable to the Risk Management Officer (RMO). $28  
SP3 A ChildSafe Organisation / RMO guide This guide supports overall approach to safety, screening, training, incident response and the entire safety program within their scope. They are usually the most senior safety person in the organisation. $28  
SP3 ChildSafe Kit Comprises one each of the above guides plus a Resources USB. The kit is used generally where there is NO access to SMO, and as a start to implementing ChildSafe safety principles and procedures. It is not the “Starter Pack”. $180  
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