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World ski erg and row records for Child Abuse


When – TBC 2021

Where – 25/2 Calabaro Way, Burleigh Heads. QLD, 4220

Lets hear from Stu Jeffries the organiser…


Why are they doing this event?

In Australia, one child is physically, emotionally or sexually abused every 16 minutes.

That means 32,000 children are abused every year, usually by adults they have been taught to trust.

It takes an average of 25 years for victim-survivors to disclose if they were sexually abused

and usually by that time, adult depression, aggression, hostility, anger, fear, anxiety

disorders, personality disorders, PTSD and CPTSD are well entrenched. 43% of children that are sexually abused attempt to suicide later in life. ChildSafe focuses on education and training for individuals, schools, and clubs so people can be aware of the signs of child abuse.

Prevention and education is the key and ChildSafe are leading the way.


What’s the event and who’s doing it?

A group of over 48 people will be attempting four world records to raise awareness and donations for the work ChildSafe does. The goal is to not only complete the 4 world records but also to raise much-needed funds for “ChildSafe”, and help them continue the vital work they do in the community.


How can you help?

We invite you to partner with us and donate so we can reach our goal of $25,000 towards helping ChildSafe develop materials and training so as to educate organisations and parents in child safety and protect children form abuse and harm.