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About ChildSafe Australia

ChildSafe Australia exists to serve organisations and individuals working with children and vulnerable people, with the goal of improving their well-being and safety.

As a children’s Harm Prevention Charity we provide many practical tools and training to help community organisations transition from policy to good practice.
We are an initiative of Scripture Union Australia, conceived and developed as an internal project, before creating ChildSafe Australia as a separate entity in 2007. ChildSafe actively partner with churches, schools and other community organisations.

Why Use ChildSafe Australia?

Children and young people deserve the best endeavours of an organisation towards their safety. This involves more than good intentions, or the assumption that harmful incidents will not happen. Organisations working with children are under increased community scrutiny in relation to screening workers, risk management and the quality of care they offer.

Many community organisations do not currently have adequate systems in place to ensure that sound policies are translated into good practice. Governments are increasingly legislating standards and requirements for organisations that work with children. Insurance agencies are also rightly expecting organisations to have effective risk management processes in place to minimise incidents.

  • ChildSafe helps your organisation meet these responsibilities and obligations
  • ChildSafe tools speed your ability to close the gap between your current state and prudent safety standards
  • ChildSafe provides flexible training options to improve awareness and practice
  • ChildSafe subscription is a cost effective option, saving you time and money
  • ChildSafe’s unique online encrypted web database provides a direct reflection of standards and responsibilities supporting effective practice
  • ChildSafe resources significantly diminish the need for you to develop many of the procedures required to support practice

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Our Objectives

The mission of ChildSafe Limited as defined in our constitution is

“to be a harm prevention charity for the promotion of the prevention and control of behaviour that is harmful or abusive to children and young people when in the care of an organisation”.

To achieve this ChildSafe Limited will:

  • Resource and train the staff and volunteers of organisations in the implementation of quality safety management at the core of their organisation;
  • Facilitate collaboration between organisations in the sharing of practices for the safety and care for children and vulnerable people, reducing duplication of effort and creating more efficient use of community resources; and
  • Create a Public Fund to be applied to the Object of the Company.


Our Structure

ChildSafe Limited is a Public Company limited by guarantee. We are on the Register of Harm Prevention Charitable Institutions, maintained by the Federal Government’s Department of Social Services. We are endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient, for funds provided to the ChildSafe Foundation Fund.

Governance functions are fulfilled by our Board of Directors, with members who are drawn from various states of Australia. The National Manager manages operations and the Online Manager assists customers with their online needs. We engage suitable experts to assist us with compliance, professional and legal advice and content production. The funds we receive from sale of our services help ChildSafe to continue operating and provide services to new and existing subscribers.