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Practical training to help you meet the Child Safe Standards and keep children safe.

Training Australia Wide

ChildSafe Australia provides training across Australia and New Zealand.

With ChildSafe trainers in each state across Australia, ChildSafe facilitates Face to Face group training and consulting for organisations working with Children. ChildSafe’s training is tailored to meet your state’s child safety regulations and reporting framework, informing you of your organisation’s obligations to Child Safety. ChildSafe also provides live webinar training for more remotely located organisations or those with work teams across multiple locations.

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Online training

ChildSafe have developed a range of online training designed to assist people who require the flexibility of self-paced learning. Learners can start, pause and resume training at times to suit their availability. Learn at your pace, on mobile, tablet or computer. Learners are issued a certificate on successful completion of the course.


ChildSafe workshop training can be delivered face-to-face or via virtual classroom, and is available around Australia. Workshops are a great way to engage your team in shared learning, with participant involvement in scenarios and discussions related to your specific environment. Workshops develop a shared understanding and language around child safety.


ChildSafe webinars are a great way to engage with the topic content and ask questions of the expert presenters. Choose from a range of past or upcoming topical webinars, invite your team or friends, and impact the safety of children in your environment.

ChildSafe training for anyone who works directly or indirectly with children and young people.

Engaging scenarios

Over 15 years of experience validates that participants are most effective when they have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they learn. ChildSafe’s training for organisations includes real life scenarios that engage participants, build on their training, and assist them to understand how they can put child safety into practice.
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Engaging and supporting organisations and people who work with children through practical training to make them effective in child-safe environments. ChildSafe’s interactive training educates participants on child safety, their role, and how they can make a difference.

ChildSafe training and Australia’s Child Safe Standards.

ChildSafe’s training has been informed by the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations to support organisations in meeting their respective state child safe standards.

The National Principles for Child Safe Organisations (the National Principles) provide a national approach to cultivating organisational cultures and practices that foster child safety and wellbeing across all sectors in Australia. They give effect to the Royal Commission’s recommended ‘Child Safe Standards’ while including broader child safety and well-being.

Most states and territories have developed state-based child safe standards.  ChildSafe’s training is delivered to reflect each state’s child safety framework and reporting requirements.

At the core of these standards is education and training for staff and volunteers.

Empowering staff and volunteers to keep children and young people safe is at the heart of ChildSafe Australia training.

Helping organisations

ChildSafe training and resources to help your organisation meet its child safety obligations.

Helping individuals

Training to help you understand child safety and how you can help keep children safe.

Helping children

Programs that empower children with safety practices, supported by educators and family.

Helping families

Training and webinars that empower families, of all kinds, to help keep vulnerable children safe.

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