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Group Training – Keeping Children and Young People Safe – Level 3


 Building on Level 2, Level 3 is designed for Child Safety Officers (CSO), Departmental Heads, Risk / HR & Compliance Managers. 

Designed with a more organisational focus, participants will typically be involved in the practical oversight of your program and the organisation’s operations. They ensure that all programs and events under their area of responsibility operate according to child-safe policies and guidelines. They also usually have a prime role in managing the response to serious incidents.

Key learning

Participants in Level 3 training will gain valuable insights into organisational practices that support safety culture. Comprehensive training provides participants with practical methods that directly strengthen child safety practices, policies and procedures.


  • Safety management introduction
  • Setting up a safety culture
  • State jurisdiction
  • Child safety reviews
  • Appointing & managing safety leaders
  • Organisation-specific policies & processes
  • Integrating safety management into your organisation
  • Reviewing practice
  • Critical incident response


ChildSafe’s training for your organisation will also include reference to your major child safety documents:

    • Child Safety Policy
    • Code of Conduct
    • Complaints/reporting process

Engaging scenarios – for your sector

Over 15 years of experience validate that participants are most effective when they have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they learn.

ChildSafe’s training for organisations includes real-life scenarios that engage participants, build on their training, and assist them in understanding how they can put child safety into practice.


I have attended child safe training for at least a decade and this is most comprehensive child safe training I have participated in. Love the audience engagement.

Church Sector - QLD

Looking forward to digging into some of the resources mentioned to further create a culturally safe environment for A&TSI children.

Government sector - VIC

Laura was really great, helping us through what was difficult but important content. She really helped us to apply the principles we discussed back to our own organisation.

Government sector - VIC

Enjoyed the information and the opportunity to be reassured we’re on the right track.

ChildCare sector - VIC

Course duration


Who is this course designed for?

Level 3 is for Child Safety Officers (CSO), Departmental Heads, Risk / HR & Compliance Managers.

Course delivery

Group training via face-to-face or live training webinar.

Up to 50 participants

Certificate on completion

Available on arrangement.

Training Australia Wide

Trainers across Australia

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