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ChildSafe Partner Organisations

ChildSafe Partner Organisations

ChildSafe would like to thank the key partners who have contributed to our work in keeping children and vulnerable people safe.

Leisure Management Excellence

Assisting you to attain strategic and operational excellence in the design, development and operation of your aquatic leisure facilities.


We can develop aquatic and leisure strategies, guide and support your assessment of facility management options, and resource your in-house management team


EA Insurance Services

EA Insurance Services is a specialist insurance brokerage. We are owned by a not-for-profit and exist exclusively to serve faith and not-for-profit organisations. We work with a variety of insurers to give you the best cover for your specific needs at a competitive price.


Lewis Holdway Lawyers

At Lewis Holdway Lawyers we want to be your first choice for tailored and strategic legal services.

We pride ourselves on our openness, integrity, and expertise. In a service industry, we strive for a level of service that goes above and beyond to meet your expectations and requirements.

Lewis Holdway Lawyers has a long history being established more than 30 years ago and is always looking for ways to improve.

We have put together a team of experienced and skilled practitioners with expertise across different areas of law, striving to provide strategic and effective legal solutions to our clients’ most challenging legal issues, business transactions and disputes.

We take a collaborative approach and aspire to provide our clients with an experience that removes some of the stress and generates the outcomes you want.

Smart. Strategic. Focused on you.



CyberSafety Solutions

Susan McLean is Australia’s foremost expert in the area of cyber safety and was a member of Victoria Police for 27 years. Widely known as the ‘cyber cop’, she was the first Victoria Police officer appointed to a position involving cyber safety and young people.


Educate2Empower Publishing

Books and resources to empower children and help keep them safe!
Educate2Empower Publishing is an international, award-winning, niche children’s book publisher that specialises in children’s books on body safety, consent, gender equality, respectful relationships, and social & emotional intelligence. 


Safeguarding Solutions Australia –
Investigations partner

When things don’t go to plan, reach out to the team at Safeguarding Solutions Australia. Our team have extensive experience in supporting organisations to proactively and effectively manage relationships with statutory authorities, government departments and funding bodies, and other regulators such as the Commission for Children and Young People.


Michelle Mitchell

Michelle Mitchell is an award-winning speaker, and bestselling parenting author. She has been termed ‘the teenage expert’ by the media, and is sought after for her compassionate and grounded advice for parenting tweens and teens.


Maggie Dent

Commonly known as the ‘queen of common sense’, Maggie Dent has become one of Australia’s favourite parenting authors and educators. She has a particular interest in the early years, adolescence, and resilience, and is an undisputed ‘boy champion’.

Maggie’s experience includes teaching, counselling, and working in palliative care/funeral services and suicide prevention. Maggie is an advocate for the healthy, common-sense raising of children in order to strengthen families and communities. She is a passionate, positive voice for children of all ages.


Moores Legal

Moores Legal prepare organisations with best practice policies and procedures to mitigate risk of harm against children and vulnerable people, comply with government regulators and relevant legislation, and respond appropriately to complaints of misconduct, in a trauma-informed and procedurally fair way.

The safety of children and vulnerable people does not exist in a vacuum and often raises privacy, governance, compliance, and workplace relations issues. They work closely with the not-for-profit, workplace, and education teams to ensure they provide you with comprehensive support.

In doing so, they are able to advise organisations on safeguarding issues such as:

  • training for your staff, volunteers, management and board
  • creating a safeguarding strategy and providing guidance to your board to make strategic decisions
  • helping organisations implement stringent recruitment and screening mechanisms to reduce the risk of abuse and harm by new and existing personnel
  • drafting policies and procedures to support your safeguarding strategy
  • responding to concerns and claims including investigations, crisis management and response, litigation and responding to historical abuse

Website: Moores Legal Safeguarding

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