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ChildSafe Subscription Options

Why Subscribe?

ChildSafe subscriptions

From extensive conversations, we know that organisations who work with children are looking for:
  • A cost-effective solution to manage child safety
  • Tools and services to meet legal and moral obligations
  • Organisational support for the implementation of child safety

Subscriber features include:

  • Child safety training guide and training materials that support your organisation to run your own training sessions
  • Resources to enhance and strengthen screening/appointment processes of staff and volunteers
  • Policy and code of conduct templates
  • 50+ resources including policies, procedures, codes, training and guides
  • Unique and secure Safety Management Online (SMO) platform as a practical online and mobile-friendly tool for managing your organisation’s safety procedures
  • Tools aligned to the 10 National Principles for Child Safe Organisations
  • Regular e-Newsletters providing up-to-date information
  • Cheaper subscriber prices for training






For smaller
<20 people
Up to
75 users
Up to
75 users
700 +
Set of four Child Safe manuals
Safety Management Online, SMO, site access
ChildSafe resources USB
Suite of ChildSafe resources via SMO
Incident reportingPaper Based Process
Program risk managementPaper Based Process
Face to face/ online consultations
3 x level 1 ChildSafe online trainings
5 x level 1 ChildSafe online trainings
ChildSafe Training - Sport focused
Access to child safe trainings within SMO**
Reduced pricing for online and Group training
90 min video/phone consultations
Subscription to our Monthly E - News
Initial Setup Fee$330$330$650
Subscription Price
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Subscription highlights

Set of 4 ChildSafe Manuals

ChildSafe has developed comprehensive guides for each level of your organisation.
The range of guide books includes:

  • Level 1 / Team Members Guide
  • Level 2 / Team Leaders Guide
  • Level 3 / Coordinators Guide
  • ChildSafe Organisation Guide inc. Risk Management Officer Guide

Safety Management Online (SMO)

Safety Management Online (SMO) enables organisations to implement a child safety strategy in our sophisticated, secure, web-based system. SMO acts as a reflection of the national and state standards while providing a current record for an organisation’s activities, checks, and controls.

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Online training – keeping children and young people safe

ChildSafe has developed a range of online training designed to assist people who require the flexibility of self-paced learning. Course materials are easily accessed via the ChildSafe Learning Portal.

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ChildSafe subscriber 50+ resources

ChildSafe subscribers receive access to 50+ resources for child-safe organisations.

Resources include:

  • Child Safety policy templates – Standard, Church and Sport versions
  • Complaints and code of conduct templates
  • Training PowerPoint presentations
  • Incident management process and procedures
  • Onboarding and screening resources
  • Program and participant forms and resources
  • Risk management processes and procedures
  • Program planning templates and permission to proceed processes
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