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Why would you donate?

You can be a part of the ChildSafe movement by making a one-time donation or a monthly commitment. All donations $2 and above are tax-deductible. Your donation will help towards our work in enabling and creating trusted and safer environments for children.

The truth is, you will not have to look very far to find someone who has been abused as a child. There are many adults walking around today with a heavy burden on their shoulders of the pain of the past. Our desire is to work towards children never having to feel that burden or that pain. When you give, you are giving to an organisation that genuinely cares about the future of children, and not just their future but their current wellbeing.

As adults, we each have a role to play in order to give children hope and keep them safe. That role is making sure that their safety is our highest priority, especially within the organisations that they attend. It is every adult’s responsibility to take child safety very seriously.

When you give you will help us create safer environments for children by:


1. Creating updated child safe training at all levels of leadership

The training helps leaders of organisations understand how to keep children safe by identifying the types of abuse and how to respond, manage risk, and put procedures and practices in place so that children and volunteers/staff are supported. So far we have trained over 22,000 leaders.

2. Developing supportive resources

These resources help to keep organisations accountable in their practices, legal requirements, and procedures. Currently ChildSafe partners with over 200 organisations in over 1100 places in Australia. We partner with churches, sporting clubs, not for profits, schools, and leisure centres.

3. Helping support parents with the resources to keep children safe and to keep organisations accountable

We partner with experts to run FREE educational Facebook Live chats to give parents the tools to keep children safe in their homes and help them to have conversations with their children, so they feel supported and are kept safe.

Thank you for your monetary support in this vital cause of creating safer environments for children, and for giving them hope for the future by keeping them safe now.

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