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Meet the ChildSafe Team

ChildSafe Australia Team

Neil Milton

General Manager

Neil has worked in not for profits for over 20 years, including churches and A large NGO and has been on many local community grassroots committees. He has a passion to help organisations across our nation make sure that children are safe. Out of his role with ChildSafe he volunteers in a local sporting club, enjoys fitness and family time.

Elliott Lauder

National Operations Manager

Elliott combines over 25 years of sales, marketing, and process management in the main from an industrial background. His experience is welded with a passion for social justice and desire to see safety standards in the community sector improved. In his spare time, Elliott is part of a Melbourne sports club, encouraging children’s participation in outdoor activities.

Pranothi Nelson

Product Manager

Pranothi has a background in HR Training, IT, customer service, and database systems. After years of work within different organisations, both in the corporate and not for profit sector, she is passionate about keeping children and vulnerable people safe.

Mal MacDowall

National Relationship Manager

Mal has over 25 years of experience empowering businesses by providing solutions to challenges they face. Having grown up around and volunteered in camping and children’s ministry, Mal has experienced the practical challenges of implementation at a grassroots level. Mal is passionate about helping organisations, clubs, and churches on their journey of safety for children and vulnerable people.

Laura Lindsay

Lead Trainer

Laura is a safeguarding consultant, driven to deliver service excellence and best practice in child safeguarding. Laura contracts to assist with capacity building and training, and has worked across the faith-based, education and out of home care sectors over the last 20 years.

Laura has worked in both state and national coordinator roles in safe church positions.

Jeff Mason

Lead Auditor

Audits are overseen and/or carried out by Jeff Mason. Jeff has studied research into safety management to identify best practices and legislative requirements in every state of Australia.

Jeff has applied his skills and experience to develop an effective audit process that is enabling organisations already strongly committed to child safety and care to improve further.

Members of the ChildSafe audit team are trained by Jeff Mason.

Jeff served as Chair of the ChildSafe Board for eight years and was employed by Scripture Union as Safety Management Officer. His previous 33 years were spent in education including 10 years as Principal of Narrabundah College and leadership roles in the Accrediting Agency and Assessment and Reporting. Jeff rose to the position of Director of School Programs before moving to Scripture Union. As Director of School Programs, he represented the ACT on four of COAGS national education policy groups.

Ruth Pinkerton

Auditor & Consultant

Ruth’s broad-ranging educational and professional background allows her to understand how organisations work and how they work with children and young people.

Ruth has been a teacher, worked with children in higher-risk outdoor education settings, and coached children and adults in a variety of sports. For twelve years she was CEO of a state-wide not-for-profit organisation that focused on work with children and families. During this time, she worked hard to continuously improve the safety and care of children and young people for whom the organisation had a duty of care.

Company Director: Amity CMR

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