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eSafety Online

eSafety Online

In Australia, kids and teens regularly use the internet for learning, entertainment, and socialising. Online technologies are being used by many organisations to communicate with children and young people and provide services to them.

Even though most individuals use modern technology for good, there is still a chance that children and teenagers will come across unsuitable or dangerous content, cyberbullying, or unwanted stranger contact. It is crucial that kids and teens, their guardians, and businesses that work with kids online are prepared to handle these dangers, address them, and shield young people from harm online.

What games, apps, and software are your children using?

Learn about the latest games, apps, and social media, including how to protect your information and report harmful content.

Learn More

Access guides and resources for parents from the eSafety Commissioner covering big issues including:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Online pornography
  • Sending nudes and sexting
  • Time online
  • Online gaming
  • Unwanted contact and grooming

eSafety Commissioner also provides skills and advice for families and special information for children under 5.

The eSafety Commissioner has a wide range of educational and practical online safety resources for all age groups, including specific material for children and young people. These resources include, but are not limited to, tips to stay safe online, how to respond to cyberbullying, identifying and responding to unwanted contact, and sharing personal information online.

The eSafety Commissioner also provides resources for organisations, such as the Toolkit for Schools, to support them in creating safer online spaces. These resources can be applied across all organisations that engage with children and young people.

Report online harm

The eSafety Commissioner can also help take action against cyberbullying and online abuse against children, image-based abuse, and illegal and harmful online content. More information about what you can report to the eSafety Commissioner is available on the eSafety Commissioner website.


The Australian Federal Police leads the ThinkUKnow program – a national program delivering online child safety information in schools and organisations to parents and carers, teachers, and students from the first year of school to Year 12. The ThinkUKnow website also has useful resources and information about staying safe online for children, young people, parents and carers.

Past webinar recordings

View past webinar recordings for free on the ChildSafe YouTube page.

Facebook page for parents

ChildSafe Australia established this group to help support parents and build a community where we can all learn and support each other.

Body safety resources

View and download FREE body safety resources for kids. These are used in conjunction with our body safety and consent programs in early learning and primary schools.

Reporting abuse

View resources and referral agencies to assist you in reporting abuse and receiving help.
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