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Training Workshops

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Training Workshops


Learning together is a powerful way to build your child’s safety culture in collaboration with your team members. ChildSafe’s training workshops engage your team in the discovery of their responsibilities and empowers them to actively strengthen their child safety practices. ChildSafe workshop training is delivered to understand your work context and child/youth programs.

We focus on child safety in your environment.

Engaging scenarios

Over 15 years of experience validates that participants are most effective when they have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they learn. ChildSafe’s training for organisations includes real life scenarios that engage participants, builds on their training, and assists them to understand how they can put child safety into practice.

Confidence building

As trusted adults in the lives of the children they deal with, ChildSafe want everyone to know how to respond well to a disclosure or child safety incident. ChildSafe workshop training empowers employees and volunteers to be active participants in child safety. Knowing what to do, if they see or hear something that doesn’t seem right, brings the confidence to speak up.

Practical impact

Group Training workshops are a cost-effective and time-efficient method of training that can launch your child safety improvement process. Sharing a common knowledge and language supports participants as they think about their own working environment. Our trainers facilitate discussions that help your organisation move from knowledge to real impact.

Policies and procedures

ChildSafe training workshops can include your organisation’s main child safety policies, code of conduct, and complaints procedures, further reinforcing your organisation’s commitment to child safety.

Workshop customisation

ChildSafe training levels provide most of the training content to support organisations and workers. In some cases, ChildSafe workshops can be customised for:

  • Specific audiences
  • Detailed / specialised topics
  • Delivery / translation in other languages
  • Organisation’s own targeted outcomes

Training enquiry

Ask ChildSafe about training for your organisation.

Find out more

Organisational training

Training for your organisation, team members and volunteers.

Training delivery

ChildSafe delivers group training workshops around Australia. Training is available both face-to-face and live via webinar.

ChildSafe recommends a maximum of 50 participants to maximise learning engagement.

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