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SAFE training for Aquatic, Sport & Leisure facilities- Level 1

- based on National Principles


As an organisation providing programs and services for children, you have a legal obligation to provide a child safe environment and to train your staff in accordance with the national child safety standards.

To assist the sports, leisure and aquatic sector with this requirement we have developed a specific child safety training program.

Based on the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations and state-based standards, ChildSafe’s comprehensive training assists staff, employees, contractors and volunteers in creating safer environments for children and young people.

Key learning

Through this Level 1 module, you will learn –


  • Managing the unique environment of an aquatic, sports and leisure facility and the associated risks
  • The importance of child safety management
  • Recognising abuse
  • Responding to harm and abuse
  • Incident and critical incident response
  • Abuse reporting to authorities
  • Grooming
  • Your organisation’s child safety policies and procedures


ChildSafe’s training for your organisation will also include reference to your major child safety documents:

    • Child Safety Policy
    • Code of Conduct
    • Complaints/reporting process

Engaging scenarios – for your sector

Over 15 years of experience validate that participants are most effective when they have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they learn.

ChildSafe’s training for organisations includes real-life scenarios that engage participants, build on their training, and assist them in understanding how they can put child safety into practice.

Course duration


Who is this course designed for?

An introductory module specifically for child-facing roles. Level 1 provides a base of training suitable for all STAFF and VOLUNTEERS.

Course delivery

Group training via face-to-face or live training webinar.

Up to 50 participants

Certificate on completion

Available on arrangement.

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