Partners to Prevent Child Abuse

We're setting out to raise $15,000 to educate over 18,000 children in Body Safety and Consent Education!


Parents tell us and we believe that in Australia, safer environments for children in our community starts with more people being educated. This includes children, parents, and Educators.


We realise that child abuse is a growing problem in Australia that continues to cause many children trauma for life, In fact the most vulnerable age for children to be exposed to sexual assault is between 3 and 8 years. (Browne & Lynch, 1994)


Our desire is to get these below 5 body safety messages, inspired by Jayneen Sanders and Educate 2 Empower, to children through child care centres, kinders and primary schools through our Body Safety and Consent Education Training for Educators. We know that the more children who are empowered in this will be able to speak up and therefore perpetrators have less of a chance of grooming them for sexual behaviour.


Here are the 5 messages...

1. My Body is my Body and it belongs to me

I can say. 'No!' if I don't want to kiss or hug someone. I can give them a high five, shake their hand or blow them a kiss. I'm the boss of my body and what I say goes!

2. I have a safety network

These are 3 - 5 adults I trust. I can tell these people anything and they will believe me. If I feel worried, scared or unsure, I can tell someone on my Safety network how I am feeling and why I feel this way.

3. Early Warning Signs

If I feel frightened or unsafe I may sweat a lot, get a sick tummy, become shaky and my heart might beat really fast. These feelings are called my Early Warning Signs. If I feel this way about anything, I must tell an adult in my Safety Network straightaway.

4. Private Parts

My private parts are the parts of my body under my bathing suit. (My mouth is a private part too!). I always call my private parts by their correct names. No one can touch my private parts, ask me to touch their private parts or show me pictures of private parts. If any of these things happen, I must tell a trusted adult in my Safety Network straightaway.

5. Secrets

I should never keep secrets if it makes me feel bad or uncomfortable. If someone asks me to keep a secret that makes me feel bad or unsafe, I must tell an adult in my Safety Network straightaway.

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Together we can build a safer community.

ChildSafe Australia