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Why should your organisation get a child safety audit?

One key reason you would want an audit is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children in your organisation, and protect them from the potential of being harmed or abused. ChildSafe’s audit is based on the 10 National Principles for Child Safe Organisations (National Principles) endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in 2019. We can also Audit on you particular State Standards also eg. The New 11 Vic Child Safe Standards that came into effect on July 1st 2022.

These Principles and Standards serve as a platform for creating safer environments for children.

The implementation of these principles are provided as the baseline for organisations to create environments for keeping children and young people safe.

A ChildSafe audit will be thorough, professional, and importantly act as a signpost to your organisation’s alignment to the National Principles (State Standards). ChildSafe designed its auditing tool to identify this alignment and your implementation of the National Principles 9State Standards). ChildSafe auditors are trained in the National Principles (State Standards) and bring wide sector experience to apply to these audits.

ChildSafe commend you for considering such an audit and demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to the safety and wellbeing of children.

Desktop Audit


  • Conducted remotely
  • Organisation’s document check against the 10 National Principles/ State Standards
  • receive a Summary assessment


The organisation will need to provide copies of its policies and procedures to the auditor to allow a desktop audit. It should also provide a history of the organisation’s commitment to safety and care. This is important as it can show up missing areas in planning and policy development which inevitably affect implementation.

A desktop audit can be a first step to a stronger site implementation audit.

“The desktop audit provided by ChildSafe helped frame our continuous improvement in the context of the 2017 Royal Commission Report and Standards. It provided additional clarity around organisational compliance and best practice industry standards.” – Kids Hope Australia



Implementation Audit 


  • Conducted onsite
  • Organisation’s document check against the 10 National Principles/ State Standards
  • Onsite visit to designated sites, questioning selected staff, leaders, volunteers,
  • Summary Assessment
  • Report provided with recommendations for improvement


A member of the audit team will visit the designated site (or sites) of the organisation to talk to the leaders, safety coordinators, and children (with permission) about the implementation of child safety. As well as gaining information about how the organisation does things, the visit provides valuable insight into how people in the organisation think
about the safety and care of children. The site audit is a stronger audit making it possible to interrogate and analyze less defined readily data, and opportunity to discuss issues and practice with the practitioners of child

If it is necessary to visit more than one site or to conduct teleconferences with people who
can’t be present for audit site visits, additional charges will apply.


“We were very pleased with the audit of our approach to child safety management.  We found the report to be very comprehensive and extremely accurate.  It has provided us with a good way forward, and more importantly, with the opportunity to improve our approach and support us in providing a safe environment for all children.”

A group of Child Care Centres, Tasmania