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Why Subscribe?

As a modest harm prevention charity, ChildSafe charge for the services and many resources we provide mainly through a subscription function. Delivered training and SP3 guides are additional resources, subject to your identified needs.

See the resources section for SP3 Guide details, and the training section for training details. Call ChildSafe or use the ‘Contact Us’ form below for a subscription quote.

Subscription Benefits

Gain fast access to a proven system of safety management with ChildSafe SP3 subscription. You can start with the Starter Subscription or talk to us about a more structured implementation plan for management. Full subscription costs are relative to organisational size and use.

Annual subscription with SMO, starts at $435. There is a one-off set up fee of $390, where you employ our unique Safety Management Online (SMO) system. Ask ChildSafe for a quote today!

Subscriber benefits include:

  • Significant training tools to support safety in your organisation;
  • Critical appointment and screening mechanisms;
  • ChildSafe Policy and a Code of Practice;
  • Regular e-Newsletters providing up-to-date support and references;
  • Use of your own secure Safety Management Online (SMO) platform as a practical online tool for managing your organisation’s safety procedures.
  • Fast access to a comprehensive and effective safety system, tailored for community organisations


ChildSafe Sport


ChildSafe Sport pack

Starting from $600 annually, ChildSafe sport provides the tools and services to support safety in your organisation

  • Access to Use Safety Management Online (SMO): Manage people/risk of organisation
  • 1 Child Safety Culture and Abuse Face to Face Training Session;
  • 1 Club Consultancy: on the 10 child safety standards;
  • SP3 Organisation Guides: 1 pack of guides for all levels of leadership
  • Access to Child Safety Survey: (on the 10 National Child Safety Standards)
  • Resources: A number of helpful resources
  • Logo: Use of our logo for added trust
  • Templates: for child safety/complaints policies and codes of conduct

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ChildSafe Starter Subscription

Begin immediately to implement plans for improving safety and well-being of children and vulnerable people in your organisation. How? Subscribe to ChildSafe by entering your details below and acknowledging a commitment to child safety. We will rush out the annual ChildSafe Starter Subscription as detailed, with invoice.

ChildSafe SP3 Starter Pack

  • Annual subscription $330 incl. GST
  • 2 consultancies
  • Set 04 SP3 guides
  • ChildSafe monthly e-News
  • SP3 Policy & Code of Conduct
  • State guidelines correlation to SP3
  • USB resource set
  • Online training modules x 03
  • Sign, scan and email ChildSafe this basic commitment form

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Upgrade Subscription With Safety Management Online (SMO)

The Safety Management Online system houses all your training materials, screening and reporting tools and a host of practical resources all in one secure location. Subscription costs employing SMO are relative to organisational size and use.

ChildSafe is used by over 1000 distinct community groups across Australia and New Zealand, including clubs, churches, schools, camping and other community organisations, who are interacting with children and vulnerable people on a daily basis.