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Exclusive interview and Q&A

???? Attention to all parents: Live Event on Wed 22nd of July at 3.30pm (AEST)

Our next live will be broadcast on the following platforms (please click on the icon for link on the day of the event):

Dr Jodi Richardson is a wellbeing expert, speaker, and educator who specialises in helping parents and teachers raise happier, more relaxed, resilient, and optimistic kids with flourishing mental health. She combines nine years of university study with over twenty years of professional work in wellbeing, clinical practice, elite sport, and education in all that she shares. She’s a mum of two and travels extensively speaking to parents and teachers at schools, and as a keynote speaker at conferences. Read more about Dr Jodi Richardso here:

Some questions we will discuss:

1. What is anxiety? and how can we tell our kids might be anxious?
2. What should parents be telling their children in this time of uncertainty?
3. what are some simple steps parents can help their children do when they are anxious?
4. How can parents turn their child’s anxiety into resilience?
5. How can parents protect their children from anxiety caused by social media?

There will also be a Q&A at the end.


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