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Leisure Management Excellence in partnership with Childsafe are pleased to bring you the “Safe” training program. The 2.5 hour training program details the major legislative changes that have taken place following the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, and outlines legal obligations that councils and their centre staff are required to fulfil regarding the responding to, and reporting of child abuse and grooming. Potential scenarios that could occur within aquatic leisure centres are discussed and attendees can discuss what to look out for, how to report, and to whom. Special attention is given to the council’s policies and procedures, ensuring the learnings compliment and build upon what is in place at present.

Attendees are reminded that unfortunately child abuse occurs in a range of environments, and that there are many instances in which such abuse has occurred within an aquatic, leisure or sporting environment, which was evident through the Royal Commission that heard from 482 survivors who’s abuse occurred within recreation and sports environments.



Because as a provider of children’s services your organisation has a legal obligation to provide a safe environment for the children and young people in your care in accordance with child safety standards. You also have a duty of care to make sure that the people in your organisation are trained and equipped to understand child maltreatment and to report such abuse. There is also a moral obligation to create a culture of child safety where all children in your care are not only kept safe from all forms of harm and abuse but so they can enjoy themselves, have fun and thrive in life.


The royal commission has highlighted that recreational and sporting facilities have a far higher incidence of child abuse than any other council facility or service and therefore needs a heightened level of resourcing and training to address the unique circumstances that exist within these facilities. Childsafe and Leisure Management Excellence have consulted extensively with centre staff to develop this training course to ensure that it addresses these unique risks with consideration to the delivery of services such as the provision of lessons to children, and the offering or recreational pursuits such as swimming in which adults and children naturally interact, as well as a range of other circumstances that simply do not exist in other council facilities and services.


Some of the Topics include:

  • The importance of child safety management
  • Recognising abuse
  • Responding to harm and abuse
  • Risk, safety and treating safety risks
  • Incident and critical incident response
  • Abuse, disclosure & reporting to authorities
  • Grooming
  • The unique environment of an aquatic and leisure facility and the associated risks


Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to build a ChildSafe culture that promotes the empowerment of children and vulnerable people
  • The issues of abuse and responding appropriately to incidents and suspected malicious behaviours
  • Understand your responsibilities within the current legislation
  • Understand the importance of establishing a child safety culture to prevent incidents and mitigate risks
  • Learn how to empower and support the rights of children and vulnerable people and create a safe environment for all
  • Strategies to keep children and vulnerable people safe
  • Personal and organisational child safety management


Who should attend?

Staff who have a responsibility for keeping children and vulnerable people safe in leisure, aquatic, and sporting facilities. This includes duty managers, lifeguards, customer service officers, swim instructors, gym instructors, fitness instructors, holiday program staff, creche attendants, and sports coaches. 


What will the attendees receive:

  • An in depth understanding of their responsibilities and obligations in providing a child-safe environment
  • Training Booklet
  • Certificate upon completion


Length and delivery:

2.5 Hours delivered either Face to Face or online.

  • This training is able to be delivered in all areas of Australia pending COVID restrictions.
  • This training can include slides to highlight your specific policies and reporting procedures


 Cost and maximum numbers:

  • Up to 60 people
  • $1650 (ex GST) plus travel expenses if applicable



Safe Training has been recently delivered at the following centres:

  • Melbourne City Baths

  • Reservoir Leisure Centre

  • Warrnambool Aquazone

  • Wangaratta Sports and Aquatic Centre




For more information regarding training as well as other support that is available to ensure your worksite is child safe, John on 0409 205212 or