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World’s Strongest Marathon for Child Abuse 





Why is Corey Phillpott doing this event?

In Australia, one child is physically, emotionally or sexually abused every 16 minutes.

That means 32,000 children are abused every year, usually by adults they have been taught to trust.

On March 3rd, 2021, at Jamison Park, Penrith, Corey Phillpott will be breaking the world record for the world’s strongest marathon where he will pull a 1.5t car behind him for the distance of a marathon (42.2km). He needs to get this done within 12hrs (5.5HRS below the current record).

In the beginning when he first thought about giving this world record a go something quite traumatic happened when his wife started feeling the full force of PTSD after they had their son Jacob. She was sexually abused as a child.

When he started doing his own research on how to help his wife he ran into some pretty scary facts & he found out how prominent this was and how it is embedded in our society. He never knew anything about child abuse before it affected his family and him personally. He couldn’t stand to read those statistics and from that point on he knew he had to make a difference so no other family, no child has to go through what his family is currently going through.

He is raising money for us at ChildSafe Australia because we enable trusted environments for children through training, education, and implementing child safety protocols.

Through the platform of the world’s strongest marathon that has the opportunity to turn heads globally, he hopes to create change to help survivors feel safer about speaking out about their stories and journeys.